Sunday, 4 December 2011

:: Feel lose lately ::

why?? ape slah sayer wak?? knp awk uat sayer gini... truly feel lose.. anything...! sayer ta mtak pe2 pom wak.. skit pom ta mtk pape... kasi perhatian skit jela ang... itu nOrmal la, not permintaan ! susah kew wak?? makin lama makin jaoh.., mkin awk lpe sayer  ang... adoyai.. how could you do this?? hilang dari pandangan tu mmg sah2 la.. contact pom hilang, how can i communicate wif u ? tell me ! I'm truly know that u are very busy wif yOur asignment n so on.. but i understand u.. In the same time, i would not disturb u when u are in study... but standing in my places, 
how do u feel when i call u, then u not pick up, 
when i sms u, u not reply... how do u feel ? 
then u will know how much sick of  my heart cOz your action towards me ! think bout it ! sayer ta mtk byk pom wak... please.... don't ignore n silent wif me like this ... if u have a problem wif me, juz tell me ! i'm ready to hear your grumblings my dear ! 
mood : feel lose ! cam owg sakit :(

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jaja said...

sedih dgn pencarian yg ta ikhlas ... :(

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