Tuesday, 15 March 2011

:: i will wait 4 yOu!

watever i do, i must remember to him! somebody will say dat i so childish right! but watever people say, its nothing effect to me!! i like to be child to him..hehe...feel loving!hahaks...smile3...like3.... it juz enOugh to me when i live here.!so bored! i miss my old friend! i miss my family dat far from me!yeah!:(
so my parents, i miss alot, not a little bit yeah!miss verything dat make m want to cry at here!huhuks! i want go back! that's only it! hear me!!!! but i have a spirit dat make strong at here!he always near wit me! always n always my dear!

! Teng Q for your reading !

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Anonymous said...

love you!

~ Jeritan Anda ~

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